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Category:  Immune and Dis-eases

- Multiple Myeloma -

I have one client and my Dad who are both diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. They both are taking Folic Acid, Una De Gato, Korean Ginseng, Garden Essentials (*), Orchard Essentials (*), Food Enzyme Digestive Aid, PDA, Super Supplemental Vitamins, and SynerProtein. Dad was diagnosed about five years ago. The other client was diagnosed before my Dad. They are both enjoying life and able to go and do things that other people their ages are doing. (I say this because my Dad is 91 and not as able as he used to be because of his age!) The other man just bought himself a new Mustang Convertible and is having a ball with it! Don't know if this would work for everyone but it is what they are taking. Sometimes other supplements are added but this is the basic program. Dad is on AL-C with it right now because my Mother (his wife of nearly 68 years) just passed on and it is helping him handle the grieving process.

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