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Category:  Children
Mental and Emotional Health
Nerves, Stress, and Fatigue

- Handling the Stress of Moving -

We made it thru the traumatic ordeal of moving. We'll be going through this again near the end of summer after our house is built, but it shouldn't be as bad as most of our stuff will remain in boxes while we're waiting and we'll be old pros at it. But still....yuk moving is a pain.

My 3 year old has been very upset these past weeks as we've been really busy packing and preparing to uproot her from her home. She's been throwing a lot of tantrums to say the least. I've been giving her Liquid STR-J in her juice and it works like a charm. ;~) She's doing a lot better now than she has these past weeks. I've been giving it to her on an 'as needed' basis.

Thought I'd share that for anyone with kids that is planning a move ;~)

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