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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains

- Knee and Hip Pain -

My husband has been using JNT-ease because his knees "pop". Recently, he has been easing his way back into an exercise program (had a back injury, but was extremely fit before), and after the work-outs for a few days and yardwork, he said that his knees were hurting badly. We had already been sparying Nature's Fresh on his spine, and I figured we'd give it a try. He took his shower and then sprayed it on. By the time he came downstairs, he had very little pain in his knees. I told him to just keep putting it on, and he has, and there is no pain.

Also, previously, my husband had pulled "something" in his hip, but he said that it felt like more than a muscle pull. I did give him the Sprains and Pulls homeopathic, but I just grinned at him and he knew to reach for the Nature's Fresh. He moaned about how it didn't work. I said, well, just keep trying...it's better than resorting to Tylenol which he was contemplating (that means that he is in REAL pain to go for meds).

A few hours and squirts later the pain was gone and he has been feeling better since.

This product is INCREDIBLE!

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