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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains

- Lack of Energy and Swelling in Knees and Ankles -

I ordered Green Zone as soon as it was available and started taking it as soon as it arrived. I like taking it with just a little bit of dark grape juice or grapefruit juice and then twice as much water. It really isn't too bad and in fact it has grown on me.

The second day, I noticed my energy and concentration increased. I started doing things I usually put off. My husband even noticed- now he is taking it also. He felt so good by the second day. We take a huge heaping measuring tablespoon each morning and a normal tablespoon full in the evening. Anything that gives me energy usually interferes with my sleep-this enhances my sleep somewhat.

Another lady told me that her legs (ankles to knees) are usually swollen by the end of the day. Since she has been taking GreenZone, they are not.

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