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Category:  Pets

- Pet Accidents -

I have both cats and dogs here and as it is to be expected, part of the responsibility of pet ownership is dealing with accidents. I have spent a lot of money for many more products that claimed to do the same thing as Natures Fresh (*) and they never came close to exhibiting its performance. I have even used it to brighten up two couches that I purchased at a thrift store (couldn't resist them) and it made them look as good as new. I have a very bad habit of wearing my sneakers without socks even in the cooler months because my feet run "hot" most of the time anyway. Since I adore the state of bare feet but can't always be that way, I sometimes forget to dust my tootsies off before preparing to go somewhere, especially if I am in a hurry. I have come to appreciate how nicely Natures Fresh cleans up the inside of my sneakers. It is saving me a lot of money too because I don't have suffer the loss of wearing them out as quickly from washing them so often. And the Natures Fresh makes my feet feel wonderful on top of all the other benefits.

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