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Category:  Immune and Dis-eases

- Breast Tumor -

I have a testimony that not even I am believing yet, but it has happened............

One of my peers who lives in Arizona and who also was my first Iridology instructor 13 years ago contacted me via email; the woman, whom I have known only to be cool, calm, and collected at all times, was in a panic.

Some months ago, she developed what eventually became a massive tumor type mass in her right breast. She described the core of it as floating, moving back and forth from the 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock positions. She is normally large busted and said that its total size had presently grown to the size of filling her whole breast.

She initially put herself on an intense program including a rigid juice fast, a special cleansing program, and the progesterone cream as part of her overall program. The mass continued to grow.

She has not worn a bra in over 20 years but felt forced to start wearing a sports bra a little over 6 weeks ago because as the day progressed the breast got very hot to the touch, even more swollen (almost double the size of the left breast) and very painful. She found that when she did this the upper right arm would swell to the point of being almost unusable and that too became very painful.

She finally in desperation went to the Breast Center in Tucson for a conventional medicine evaluation three weeks ago. They could not substantiate that it was cancer, but they couldn't rule it out either. Additionally, they couldn't come to any other conclusion or give her any relief from the symptoms.

I suppose only because of even more desperation, (she has always considered me as one of her students) she sent me an email early last week asking if I had any suggestions. I posted right back and told her the only thing that came to mind after reading the entire program she had been on: "Spray the entire breast and underarm area at least 3 times a day with Nature's Fresh." She posted right back and asked, "What is Nature's Fresh?" (She has been with Nature's Sunshine for more years than I have been). I posted back with the description and stock number. She posted back and asked if I had gone completely nuts? I posted back and told her, "Just do it. You have nothing to lose by trying it."

I got a post earlier tonight: "the mass has completely disappeared". She has been completely symptom free for two days. Everything is back to normal. All she did was do what I had (strongly) suggested. I believe she may be putting me in her Last Will and Testament as a future reminder of her gratitude.

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