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Category:  Female Problems

- Yeast Infection -

I have a friend here who was doing the chinese Para-Cleanse and hoping to get the "kill candida" effects also. She felt a yeast infection coming on. Since she didn't have her herbs with her, she had to use what was available at the home she was in. For 2 days, she took 2 Bifidofilus on an empty stomach as many times a day as she could remember (she went through 1/2 of the bottle so that tells me she "remembered" a lot), and 1 High Potency Garlic every 3 hours. After that, she had no sign of a yeast infection coming on. She is still finishing her bottle of Bifidophlus just in case.

I know that there are better ways to deal with this, but in a pinch, it worked for her.

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