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Category:  Eyes

- Improved Eyesight -

I have a customer that swears that Eyebright has improved her eyesight so she doesn't need glasses anymore. I don't know how near sighted she was or whether she had asigmatism. She tells me that "other eyebright products" - i.e. non NSP didn't help her and she could tell the difference with ours.

I personally have taken Eyebright for nearly a year now and I am not noticing anything drastic (I am both nearsighted and have astigmatism), but I do have to say that instead of my eyes getting worse, which they have been doing gradually for the last 20 years; they have at least stabilized.

My suggestion is that he won't know if it will help unless he does try it - and it certainly won't hurt. It will help protect his eyes against macular degeneration and near-sighted people have a greater incidence of that.

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