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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains

- Carpal Tunnel - 3 People Getting Well -

I've helped at least three individuals in the last three years overcome Carpal Tunnel, one of which was my wife. She was running a daycare program at the time and could not even pick up a small glass of milk for one of the children without a lot of pain and most often, dropping the glass.

I finally was onto it when I came in one day during the summer and the kitchen smelled of soured milk. She had dropped three different glasses that day and could not move the washing machine to clean under it. I made her go to the doctor (at the time, she was not a big believer in herbs), and the doctor told her to were a brace, take Motrin, and if it did not clear up in ten days, she would need surgery. Two weeks later, it had not gone away, and I told her I wasn't going to let them do surgery until she tried the herbs that I had ordered for her.

Here's what we did in all three cases:

2 caps Yucca every 2 hours while awake for two days, then two caps every 4 hours (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime)

2 caps Licorice Root every 3 hours for two days, then two caps every 4 hours as above.

After the initial two days, the dosage was reduced. We continued with the two caps at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime for the remainder of three weeks, at which time for two of the three, the problems had gone away. The third took an additional week because they had suffered a few more months.

PS--My wife's carpal tunnel occurred over two years ago. After the three weeks on the herbs, she has never had any other problems. That was her first experience with herbs and it converted her. I also take Yucca for my back. I have two degenerating disk and I'm quite stiff in the mornings and early afternoons if I don't take it. It's a great alternative to Motrin and the other NSAID's.

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