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Category:  Fitness

- Running A Marathon -

Hi, I have another wonderful testimonial regarding Prime Form Recovery formula. I use it after working out to eliminate soreness. In fact, this product helped me tremendously during my first marathon in San Francisco a few years back. At that time, I did not physically train as much as I could have, but I was mentally pumped up. I had always wanted to run a marathon and that April, a friend and I did a 21 mile power walk all along the coast for the Big Sur International Marathon's Power Walk division.

A marathon is only 5 more miles we told ourselves. So we signed up for the SF Marathon, just 3 months away, knowing we could at least power walk it. With very little training as far as running goes, other than very long distance walking, up and down hills, sometimes for 5 - 6 1/2 hours at a time, we were mentally ready. (Which I have come to realize, a marathon, I believe is 90% mental!!) I took the PrimeForm Recovery BEFORE the race, DURING the race, and AFTER the race to constantly replenish the minerals and electrolytes my body was using. I felt terrific all throughout the race, and the very next day, I was not sore at all, just very elated !!

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