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Category:  Glands and Hormones (Male and Female)

- Safe and Healthy Pregnancies -

I recently had the opportunity to work with 2 pregnant woman. Lisa took the following supplements: Three (alfalfa, kelp, dandelion) - great tonic herbs for pregnancy, Red Raspberry, Nature's Prenatal, Calcium Magnesium, Food Enzymes, Super Algae, Chlorophyll (lots since severe problems with anemia), and Body Prep and for delivery. She had a natural birth at home, 3rd boy, and it went exceptionally well. Her midwife almost did not take her this time because of the many complications she usually has. She generally is sick during pregnancy and has troubles with anemia. Her iron count was "better" than before pregnancy, or a healthy non-pregnant woman. She had energy the whole pregnancy. Delivery went exceptionally well. And her energy and stamina carried with her after the birth. She used to get extremely depleted and sick with yeast infections. She did great! The herbs did wonders for her. Jeni had an exceptionally great pregnancy too. She also took a lot of the same herbs and was praying for a speedy delivery. She had Christian in 45 minutes! (Of course, her other son only took a little over an hour). It was a fun learning experience to see their progress and hear their testimonials.
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