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Category:  Skin, Hair, Nails, and Beauty

- Healing for Burns -

God gave me the opportunity to try lavendar oil twice this weekend. I live in the Seattle area and we have the reputation for rusting instead of tanning. However, Saturday we had a beautiful sunny day. While working on my fat talk, I laid out on my deck and exposed the back of my legs, for the first time this spring. Usually I can tell when it's time to go in. But not this time. By early evening the backs of my legs were red and very prickly. I applied Aloe Vera Gel mixed with Lavender Oil and the pain went away immediately. I reapplied the mixture a few more times that evening and by Sunday morning, even when in a warm shower, the backs of my legs didn't hurt. What a miracle!

The other opportunity came when I was doing some ironing last night. I accidentally burned by finger on the iron. While reading in bed last night, my finger was really stinging. All of a sudden, I remembered my Lavender Oil. I got up, applied a drop (undiluted) to the burn and it immediately stopped burning!

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