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Category:  Weight Loss

- Losing Weight with Metabostart and the Zone -

I wanted to wait until I was sure it was MetaboStart was why I was still losing weight. I had gained 60 pounds in one year after I went into menopause. Before that I was a rail, no matter what I ate. I was horrified, but could never manage to do anything about it. Twice I lost weight and gained it back, so I knew I had to do something that I could live with for life. About 3 months ago I started the Zone Diet. It is just a well balanced diet, avoiding sugar and high glycemic foods. It's wonderful for blood sugar because it's important that you eat 5 times a day. It seemed like I never finished eating. . . but I lost 20 + lbs just doing that. That was going out to eat at least once a week - which usually took a couple days to lose what I gained from those deviations. (Before this I had been unable to lose using anything). When I went to California to my son's house, I KNEW it would be difficult sticking with my diet 100%. So I took a box of MetaboStart with me. I took them religiously! Never missed!! While alone, I stuck with my diet, but we dined out often (or worse yet, my son would cook - he is a GREAT cook). I did try to stick with it as much as possible, but just ate smaller portions when I deviated. Next meal, I always went back to my "good" food. The last few days of the 2 weeks + that I was there, we went out at least once a day. . . . (yiks, I was scared).

When I got home, the next morning I weighed myself. I had still lost 2 lbs in spite of my diversions from my diet!! Which was a miracle under the circumstances. I had even had a glass of wine a couple times. I have now been home a little more than two weeks and have now lost better than 30 lbs total. Probably about 32 lbs. I am not being as strict as I was in the beginning, but am still sticking with the Zone principal and taking my MetaboStart three times a day. I haven't had any problem with getting shaking from it, or from any worse insomnia than my normal.

Hope this is encouraging to someone else wanting to try this great product.

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