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Category:  Weight Loss

- Tipping The Scale -

I tipped the scale at 275 pounds to go along with my 48-inch waist. Because my stomach was often upset, I ate antacids like they were candy. I looked and felt terrible. Then my daughter asked if I had heard of Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP). She told me she had lost 27 pounds and was still losing. I decided to give it a try. I started with Fen-Chi, Fat Grabbers, LBS II and Collatrim Liquid. I lost 7 pounds immediately and gained a tremendous amount of motivation. To date, I have lost 40 pounds and my cholesterol level is down to a healthy 175. My waist is down to 40 inches, and I haven't taken an antacid tablet since I started on the NSP weight-loss program. I never feel hungry while following the program, nor do I count calories. In fact, once a week I treat myself to a pizza, but then I follow up by sticking to my eating plan. I eat a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables. I have a lot of energy and feel great about myself. My friends all say I look wonderful. I've regained my self-respect!
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