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Category:  Pets

- Lump On Cat's Tail -

My 4-year-old black male neutered lovable cat has had a lump/tumor/or something on his tail for the past year. He usually was not bothered by it, but I noticed it had grown and that he would occasionally lick it. He also didn't like for me to touch him on his back close to his tail and definitely not touch the lump. I decided to put Golden Salve on it topically and use Special Formula #1 once per day each evening. After 3 weeks of treatment, he jumped in my lap one night with a wet spot on his tail. Upon inspection I noticed that it had burst and was oozing a brownish liquid. I wiped it off and noticed the lump had flattened and there was a hole where it had burst. Later I checked it again and noticed a white liquid coming from it. The next day it was still flat and in the process of healing. He also allows me to look at it now and doesn't seem bothered by me touching his back. I am so glad that I chose to use herbs instead of taking him to the vet and risk him loosing his tail and going through all kinds of testing and drugs.
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