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Category:  Digestion

- Milk Substitute -

I want to praise your product, Tofu Moo. My husband and I have decided to eliminate dairy products from our diet. Neither of us can properly digest them and we are also very concerned with the routine growth hormone supplementation and antibiotic use by the dairy industry. We have tried several soy and rice-based milk substitutes before, including Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Naturasoy, Vitasoy, Edensoy, and Westbrae. All of them were marginally acceptable, but we were not pleased with any one product overall. They were either too watery, too "beany"-tasting, too gray-looking, or too oily. The Tofu Moo is the closest to real milk we have found. It is creamy, white, and delicious. We have used it in coffee, on cereal, in home baked blueberry muffins, to make a fruit smoothie, and to make a vegetable curry dish. In every case, we used it exactly as we would milk, with delicious results. Thank you so much for this product --we love it! Now, we can have a good tasting milk substitute that allows us to keep to our principles of deleting dairy products from our diets while still enjoying the taste of "real milk."
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