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Category:  Alpha-Stim® 100 MET Device
Circulatory, Heart, Cholesterol, and Veins
Immune and Dis-eases

- Infections and Abycesses -

I am happy to report two successes with the Alpha-Stim with infections. The first occured several months ago. There was an infection on the back of my left leg; having had phlebitis four times in that leg, its circulation is less than optimum, and infections in that leg are slow to heal. I was trying to get rid of one and decided to try the probes of the Alpha-Stim. Using a 20-second treatment done in an X pattern across the infection every night, I was amazed and delighted to find that after the third night of such treatments, the infection was gone.

More recently, on month ago, I was struggling to bring two abscesses over my upper front teeth under control. Some success was achieved with penicillin, but not enough. Grapefruit seed extract did a little better, and I was gaining, but both abscesses were still there. Then it occured to me to try the probes of the Alpha-Stim; in retrospect, I wonder why it took me so long to think of it. Crisscrossing the site of the abscesses from various positions, I did perhaps three minutes worth of 20-second treatments. There was relief on the second day, and on the third day, to my delight, all swelling was gone on both locations, as well as all pain. I continued for two more days as a precaution, and the abscesses are gone.

It would appear to me that anytime an infection can be reached by the Alpha-Stim, it is an invaluable tool for banishing the problem.

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