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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains

- Healing a Crushed Finger -

I had a wonderful Doctor's appt. yesterday!! I have been on the herbs to build the bone in my crushed left index finger. I had an x-ray taken yesterday, and the results were amazing!! Without going into all the details, I can just say that the bone, in just under 6 weeks, has more than 3 times the mass than when I wasn't using anything. The doctor admitted this is more bone mass in a short time than he is used to seeing. He actually said, "Keep doing what you're doing". I'll take that as an admission that herbs are good stuff!!

What I used for forming the bone mass in my crushed finger: I started with 8 SKL Formula (2-4 times/day), 4 Herbal CA ( 1-4 times/day), this went on for 4 weeks. Then, I went to SKL Formula, Calcium Plus, and Herbal CA ( all these were 1-3 times a day). Also, I am taking the Mineral Chi ( 2 tbs/ day). I might add that I have used a poultice of Bon-C and Tea Tree Oil in the Masage Oil to completely (from the very first use) remove the pain and bring almost all of the swelling down.

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