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Category:  Circulatory, Heart, Cholesterol, and Veins
Immune and Dis-eases

- Meniere's Disease -

I first came to see Sue last October for Meniereís disease. For years I had been having "attacks" which cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting . Every month I was sick in bed at least four to eight days in a row. I was on all kinds of medication, such as; Valium (a sedative), Dramamine and Meclizine for motion sickness (8 - 10 per day), thyroid medication (for two years), Premarin (estrogen replacement for 13 years), Diazide to relieve fluid in my ears, and Amitriptyline (an anti-depressant) for my spastic colon.

My attacks were so bad, I couldnít even work at my own shop (Body Firm). My customers would have to sign themselves in each time they came while I would be lying down sick. Sometimes Iíd have to run my shop on the phone while sick in bed at home. The room would be spinning so much that Iíd have to crawl to the toilet.

After I started using the herbs and supplements and eating a better diet, as Sue suggested, I had only a slight attack in October and one in November and have had NONE since November. I have been religious about taking the pills these past eight months and I feel fine! Even my clients notice the difference and ask how I got so much better.

Not only have my attacks gone away, but also my spastic colon has calmed down and I havenít been needing to use much of my medication. When I visited my doctor, I told him I didn't think I needed my thyroid and estrogen medication anymore. He did blood tests and found that indeed, my thyroid is functioning normally now and that I no longer need that medication! He thinks I should stay on my estrogen (until that gets healed too), but he was surprised at how Iíve done so well using herbs and straightening up my diet!

Iíve been training with Sue for several months and I plan to do some of this work, too. Its been wonderful to regain my health and energy.

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