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Category:  Circulatory, Heart, Cholesterol, and Veins

- Bleeding Vein in Eyes -

My oldest daughter had a vein in her eye that would rupture when she was under stress. She did go to an eye doctor, who was not concerned, but he hadn't seen it. It was getting more and more frequent and the amount of pooled blood was getting larger and larger. There was a pain connected to it starting after a while. I was concerned about a brain hemorrhage occurring the same way. We tried different things without stopping it. When I had her try VariGone, it initially stopped it. Then after a couple months the pain started again, then she would get the pain and see some yellowing in the white (This was an indication of very slight bloody leakage). Then she got the pain with a bit more of the blood. I was really concerned.

I read something on Bilberry. The anthrocyanosides in Bilberry also strengthen blood vessels and capillaries to help with easy bruising, varicose veins. Another important use is to help diabetics regulate blood sugar. It WORKED. As soon as she started taking it, it stopped. She is still maintaining the Bilberry. She tested without it once, and the bleeding began again.

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