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Category:  Nerves, Stress, and Fatigue

- Tinnitis -

I suffered from tinnitis for over 45 years! I suffer no more. Gingko by itself was not enough to do the job. I tried Ginger, 1 cap 3xdaily for six weeks. It won't make the sound go away, however. At the same time, and for the same 6 weeks take Gingko/Hawthorn. It requires the combination. I had results for the sound in only four days, but kept it up for 6 weeks because Hawthorn doesn't show its full strength before then. Since then I have had occasional bouts with the nasty sound, usually at night, usually associated with allergy or cold. I then take Gingko/Hawthorn. Usually I forget after a couple of days because the sound doesn't come back.
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