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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains

- Herbs to Increase Bone Strength and Speed Healing -

Many years ago my brother broke both bones in a complex fracture of the left forearm. He went to a doctor in Oregon who believes in herbs. That doctor had him take Herbal CA(1 3x a day) and Horsetail (2 3x a day) for six weeks. He was x-rayed at 4 weeks and the cast came off and he went back to work as a carpenter. He has had no further problems. Ten years ago a youth came to me with a fractured wrist. He is allergic to dairy and to brocoli and to carrots (both have lots of calcium). We put him on Calcium-Magnesium, (also comes in Skeletal Strength and Vitamin Calcium), Herbal CA and Horsetail. He healed in 5 weeks, and all his bones were denser. The next year he fractured the arm in the same place in a duplication of the same injury. He has stayed on Herbal CA and Horsetail ever since. He has not broken a bone again. Horsetail makes very strong bones because of the silica in it.
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