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Category:  Alpha-Stim® 100 MET Device
Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains
Respiratory and Sinuses

- Alpha Stim's Many Uses -

This letter is about a few of my experiences with the Alpha Stim 100.

I work as a traveling therapist. Recently I took one of the units along on a trip to Sweden. I didn't intend to use if professionally; I was using it for myself to help with the jet lag of such a long flight.

However, when the organizer of my workshop complained of a severe and persistent sinus condition, I offered the use of the Alpha Stim. We did two treatments using the probes around the sinus cavities, and two treatments with the ear clips. Her sinus condition cleared up. A few days later her son had a motorbike accident. He came home on crutches and in pain. The doctors told him it would take three weeks for his foot to heal. I began treating him with the probes, and showed him how to treat himself. We gave him four to five treatments a day. The pain dropped immediately. Within three days, the swelling had gone from his foot. At the end of the week, he had tossed his crutches away.

One of the people in the workshop became interested in "the machine" as the Swedes called it. He had severe tennis elbow. I treated him with the probes, and then showed him how to do it himself. Within four days his pain had cleared away.

The net result of these stories was that the owner of the facility said, "Please, let us buy this machine. There is nothing like this in Sweden."

So now there is one operating in northern Sweden.

I would also like to report the experience of taking an Alpha Stim to the dentist office on a day when my dentist was replacing 9 fillings. The procedure took us two hours. I used the ear clip treatment mode the entire time. The dentist was amazed at my level of pain tolerance. I was also. After the session, I did errands in LA for the rest of the day, and then caught a long flight that evening. I felt fine the whole way.

There's more, but that's enough for now.

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