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Category:  Skin, Hair, Nails, and Beauty

- Treating a Cut Face Improves Complexion -

Shortly after dinner, one evening, I took my dogs out for a walk. I had Max on a leash and the other dog, Jake, was running loose. Jake, our Doberman Pinscher is just over a year old, but acts like a kid. He is pretty powerful and runs so much that he has very-developed muscles. He came flying around the side of our house and I wasn’t prepared to have him slam into me. The result was that I went sliding into our woodpile, face first. I ended up with the left side of my face, from cheekbone to jaw line, scraped and bleeding. I was a real mess and by the next morning I looked real scary. My eye was starting to swell and bruise, and the rest of my face was also swollen and scabbing. Believe me, this wasn’t a face that even a mother could love!

We were supposed to go to an auction the next morning, and even though I really was in a lot of pain, and pretty ugly, I decided to go anyway. People really stared at us. It was awful. My husband, Jerry, said he wanted to crawl under a table because people were looking at him like he did that to me!! He said he wasn’t going anyplace with me again until my face healed. At the auction, a woman came up to me and suggested that I get something called “Arnica Oil” and that would keep the bruising down and help it heal without scarring. We got some that afternoon and after just a couple days use, the bruising was way down. That following Wednesday, I was told to try something else for my face. It was Nature’s Sunshine’s Black Ointment, and its main ingredient was Olive Oil, like the Arnica Oil, but it had other herbs and beeswax.

I used it every few hours because it really soothed my face, and kept it moist. Within two weeks you could hardly tell that I had been hurt at all. There was no scarring. I kept using it because after taking a few layers of skin off, my face was pretty sensitive. One night, we were going out to dinner, so I used it underneath my make-up, and it worked really well. That was probably about five weeks after I had started using the Black Ointment on my face; it wasn’t designed to be used that way but it worked well; so, why not???

During dinner, Jerry asked me what I had been doing to my skin, that my face looked like I had a face-lift or something. He said it didn’t look like I had any wrinkles around my eyes and my complexion looked so fresh and smooth. I had been so worried about the condition of my face that I never paid any attention to the good changes. Suddenly I realized that the ointment was working on my skin, tightening and tonifying it. It was inexpensive, and I had already been using it for almost two months with still another month’s worth left.

After my discovery, I started using it in the morning, before I put on make-up and again at night, after I washed my face. The difference was really noticeable so I was excited to tell my mom and sister to GO GET SOME and try it!!! They couldn’t find the same kind anywhere, though Mom did find something called Black Ointment, but it was a different brand and did not have the same ingredients as mine. It was also had a strange smell. I later found out that Nature’s Sunshine has been making this ointment for 22 years, and has never heard of anyone using it for the purpose of tightening the skin. Its intended use is for WARTS, scrapes, and cuts... that kind of stuff.

All of a sudden, all the women I know up here have wanted to get some and try it, too. It’s cheap, makes the skin on my face look and feel great, and it is all natural stuff, no chemicals or junk. I feel like I have discovered the beauty secret of the century. All the major cosmetic companies produce products to remove wrinkles, etc., which cost a fortune and don’t do much of anything. Then I go out and find an ointment that’s inexpensive and used to get rid of warts, and heal scrapes, and it works like magic. I guess you never know what you will find when you fall into a wood pile!!!

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