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Category:  Pets

- Dog's Skin Clears -

Our dog developed extremely flakey skin. I even noticed some fleas at the base of her tail after she started licking all the hair off there. I tried a lot of our products but noticed the best results after I was finally able to bath her good and started her on Pet Ration for Dogs. Now you can actually feel and see the oils in her hair. She no longer has skin flaking off and nolonger licks her tail. I get the feeling it's improved digestion as well, she looks really good and isn't at all over weight, even though she eats about the same amount of food as she always did. She'd been a little overweight before this. I think it's a great product. Another thing I really like about it is I don't feel the need to open up capsule after capsule of herbs to get the same results. I just squirt a little over her food and be done with it. I do still throw a couple Garlic Oil Capsules in to repel fleas but that's it.
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