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Category:  Glands and Hormones (Male and Female)

- Menopause -

I have been going through menopause for the past six years, and have had extremely heavy bleeding–so much so that I couldn’t even go out on those days. The doctor put me on Premarin and Provera, which helped, but made me feel awful. I was quite bloated and gained 50 pounds in two years on the medicine, which I hated.

I started using herbs and went cold-turkey off my hormone medicine. That tripped me up and I was hemorrhaging so severely, I ended up in the hospital. Then I started using the Pro-G-Yam Cream [progesterone] and cut my medicine dosage in half. At the end of three months, I stopped my medicine completely and was just using the yam cream. Now my periods have stopped completely and I feel fine! What I learned is that on the yam cream, I could go completely off the Provera, but the withdrawal of Premarin had to be gradual.

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