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Category:  Pets

- Pets In Better Health -

I am feeding my pets all the new animal products. My horse is getting the EverFlex and the Horse Formula liquid vitamins (*) - I really can't tell any difference on him, but I know he needs them. I have one of my cats who vomits hair balls frequently, no matter what I give him -- he also has loose stools. (must be because of the hair obstructing his bowels). He has neither of these problems since going on the Cat Formula. It's a war trying to drop them in his mouth and he really doesn't love them. . .but I sprinkle it on their Flint River Ranch dry cat food along with his Hydrangea. I don't measure it, just kind of sprinkle it across the top. I also give the Dog Formula (*) vits to my three dogs. One of my outside guys had distemper as a pup and ever since, off and on again gets loose stools. NOT since being on his new vits. . . . .They also get Flint River Ranch pet food . . . and I sprinkle their vitamins across the top of their big pan of food. It seems to be working well doing it that way.

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