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Category:  Dental

- Gum Pockets -

Some years ago I was in my dentist's office, and he said: "Oh, oh, 7 millimeters!" What's that? That's the size of the gap between the gum and the bone structure. There should not be a gap, but 2-3 millimeters is tolerable. I had gum surgery (because I didn't know any better, nor did my dentist!) A few years later, I started to take CoEnzyme Q10. (Also available in 30 mg and 10 mg potency) At the same time, I switched dentists to one who doesn't believe in surgery, but in fighting the bacterial gum infections. Anyway, without knowing about CoQ10, I notice that I do not have 7 millimeters of gap, and that my gums are in good shape.
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