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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains

- Carpel Tunnel Syndrome -

People in my profession (barber), as well as people that use their hands a lot in their work tend to get "carpel tunnel syndrome". My right hand was getting worse and worse. I would wake up in the morning and my hand would be closed and numb. It would take several minutes to get it to unlock. In early April, I started taking Shark Cartilage at about 6 capsules per day.

The rest of that week, my hand was neither closed nor numb when Iíd wake up. By the 2nd week, inflammation and soreness were gone . The third week, my hand was partially closed two times, and that occured on the days after I had taken fewer capsules. Iím also working on remodeling my house. Using the hammer and crowbar hasnít hurt at all as it did before. I also have been using Yucca to help with inflammation and pain.

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