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Category:  Intestinal

- Chronic Constipation -

Weve all heard it from Sue, normal bowel movements are two to four a day. I was happy if I could do that in a week. When I first met Sue, I weighed 143 pounds and did not have proper bowel movements.

After an eye reading, she put me on a cleansing program: Cascara Sagrada for the bowels, HIGS II for the lymph glands, and Chinese Para Cleanse packets for candida. I also had to change my eating habits. I started eating more brown rice, whole wheat breads, and less refined or enriched foods. I began to eat lots of veggies, plenty of water, and so on.

The herbal programs and improved diet have made a significant difference in my health. Its been a year since I first started working with Sue. Ive lost 12 pounds, have regular bowel movements, and eat wonderfully good foods. I did not go to Sue for weight loss or to learn that I needed to change my eating habits. I did not know I was constipated, either; but getting unplugged and de-fatted were a bonus.

I thank the Lord for putting Sue into my life with her wonderful ministry.

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