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Category:  Glands and Hormones (Male and Female)
Immune and Dis-eases

- Strep Infection During Pregnancy -

A friend discovered she had carried strep B with all her pregnancies. This last one she used lots of Colloidal Silver, and it kept the strep in check.

Here's how my friend used it - 3 times a day she did the following routine: 1 teaspoon by mouth She also put Colloidal Silver on a cotton ball and rubbed her whole belly with it. She then put Colloidal Silver on another cotton ball and swabbed her vaginal area with it. Lastly, she put some on another cotton ball and put it up slightly inside the vaginal opening, and after she did that, she would sit down and put her feet up for awhile. She did this from the moment she found out she had strep. Using it this way, you can count on a bottle a week. Also would suggest she add Liquid Chlorophyll to her drinking water. (Chlorophyll also comes in 32 ounce bottles as well as capsules.)

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