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Category:  Circulatory, Heart, Cholesterol, and Veins

- Arteries Cleared -

Vic is 79 years old. He had several slight strokes in the past few years. In the winter of 94-95 he had surgery to clean out his right carotid artery, which had been building up plaque to a dangerous level. He never wanted to go through that ordeal again so he started the Mega-Chel (180) program.

Among other circulatory problems, Vic was experiencing lack of feeling in the tips of his fingers. After the first week eating Mega-Chel he noticed that the tips of his fingers were not cold. The white color was leaving and being replaced with normal pink tones, and the feeling was returning to his fingers. After two weeks he could walk up the fairly steep grade to our house, about a block, without being winded. He no longer had to stop to huff and puff. He no longer was having angina pain. After six weeks, swelling he had for years in one of his toes was going away. He has more energy and stamina, which is helping him lose some unwanted pounds. He most recently noticed that the varicose and spider veins are disappearing from his legs and ankles.

Vic had his one-year check up following the carotid artery surgery. This included a double-doppler test which revealed absolutely no plaque buildup in the arteries of his neck or head! He is excited about the results from Mega-Chel.

It is now three years since Vic first started on Mega-Chel. He has continued with the maintenance level ( for him is 5 Mega-Chel a day ) since he finished the initial full program. He feels good and has not experienced any more angina, or strokes. His blood pressure is normal and he has lots of energy. He goes in for a regular-once-a-year check-up and his doctor tells him his arteries are clear.

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