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Category:  Digestion

- Gallstones -

One evening after eating pizza, I had terrible indigestion and a lot of pain in my upper right side. I had this before and after a previous ultrasound, knew I had several gallstones, so I was sure it was my gallbladder acting up again. I figured I had overdone it, so I was careful with what I ate, but a dull pain stayed with me for five more days. I thought it was finally better, but only one day went by without pain.

My family went out for a celebration and I had a couple glasses of wine and a big meal and sure enough, another severe attack hit me that evening. Well, again I tried to be careful with what I ate and again the pain stuck around, though not as bad, for four or five more days. Then I had another attack for no apparent reason. I had enough!

I made two appointments - one with my M.D., and one with Sue. The doctor was very concerned and wanted to take another ultrasound ASAP and wanted me to see a surgeon that day. He told me I needed gall bladder surgery before he even examined me or looked at the results of my ultrasound.

That afternoon I saw Sue, who recommended that I immediately start on a two-day fasting, gallbladder cleanse. I took the first herbs that night and felt better within a few hours. For the next two days during the fasting, I had little, but mostly no pain. I finished the last stage of the cleanse the second evening and the next morning passed somewhere between 70 and 100 little green stones. They kind of resembled peas and ranged in size from very small like a pinhead to the actual size of a pea.

Although I know I have more work to do to get my gallbladder healthy once more, I am confident that Iím well on my way and look forward to a long life with my gallbladder left intact!!!

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