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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains

- Osteoporosis and Broken Bones -

We read stories about "little old ladies" who fall down and break their hips or other bones. (It is also conjectured that their hip bones fracture first, and then they fall.) We are also aware that post-menopausal women are reminded that they are subject to osteoporosis.

Well, consider my case. (I am 39+++ years old.) On July 11, 1992, I accidentally stepped down from my front step while chatting with some friends. My right ankle turned sharply, and I immediately was so off-balance that I landed hard onto my left knee. I was in great pain, but managed to hobble into my house where I immediately put ice and Ace bandages on my knee and ankle. I assumed the ankle was sprained, and the knee bruised.

The next morning, I could not put any weight on the ankle, which was very swollen. I went to the hospital where they determined that I had broken my right ankle, a metatarsal bone of my right foot, and the patella (kneecap) of my left leg. I was told NOT to put any weight on the right foot, and simultaneously keep the left leg extended. I felt like a one-legged flamingo! With the aid of crutches and a walker, I managed to survive.

I called Sue and she recommended that I use BON-C and SKL Formula Mineral Supplement in addition to my regular supplements to help the bones knit and heal.

Meanwhile, the doctor put my right foot in a "walking cast" and my left leg in an "immobilizer". I had to wear these devices at all times (even to bed), except when I showered. The doctor said to walk, but not bend the left leg. The right foot could not bend in the cast, but the leg could move and the knee could bend; thus I could get around! The doctor also said there was NO sign of osteoporosis!

We returned to the doctor on August 10th (four weeks later). He examined the new X-rays and remarked, "Here is where the ankle crack WAS!!" All the breaks were healing, and healing fast. The right ankle was wrapped with Ace bandages, the right foot put into a "wooden" shoe, and the left knee was outfitted with a "Body Glove" latex support. The doctor said to walk, bend the knees, and ankles (slowly, of course).

Is this a remarkable recovery?! I was told to walk only 30 days after this accident! I sincerely believe the herbs Sue sent helped accelerate the healing process, especially for a woman of my age who does not take ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy). All indications initially were for a 6 - 8 week MINIMUM healing period. So, thanks, Sue and Michael.
[Audrey, by the way, is Sue’s mother.]

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