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Health Testimonials
Here is a list of some of the challenges people have faced, and the successes they have experienced:

Anxiety/Panic in Dogs
  Callouses and Cat's Hairballs
Canine Arthritis
  Cat Urine Trouble
Cats' Vaccines
  Chow Feeling Better
Clearing Cataracts
  Dog Ear Mites
Dog Heals from Allergies and Arthritis
  Dog's Allergies
Dog's Cystitis
  Dog's Skin Allergies
Dog's Skin Clears
  Dog's Skin Trouble
Dog's tumors
  Doggy "Hot Spots"
Doggy Puddles
  Ear Mites In Pets
Feline Leukemia
  Feline Leukemia
Feline Virus (FIP)
  Fleas and Parasites
Golden Retriever's Tumors
  Hyperactive Dog
Kitty Colon Problem
  Lump On Cat's Tail
More Energy for Senior Dogs
  No Fleas!
One Sick Kitty
  Pet Accidents
Pet Fish Story
  Pets In Better Health
Pooch's Arthritis
  Preventative Care For Pets
Respiratory and Hairball Rescue for a Rabbit
  Ringworm in Cats
Stressed Dog
  Tape Worms
Tapeworms in Cats
  The Doberman's Bladder
This Cat Cheated Death!
  Uric Acid in a Bunny
When Outdoors, Cat Picks Up Parasites

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