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Category:  Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains
Nerves, Stress, and Fatigue
Weight Loss

- Weight Gain and Fibromyalgia -

I lost my husband in April of last year and as I was his primary care giver, for the whole year of 1997 and into 1998, I really let myself go to give him and my Elderly Mom my full attention. I was not eating right; just grabbing what ever to keep going. When I began having pain, I ignored it for over 2 years. After all, I am a retired PA, and I had people to care for. When I finally came out of my depression/grief, I knew I had to do something.

By then, my Cholesterol was 665 and my Triglycerides 3,200+. I began taking Salmon Oil, Flax Seed Oil, (also available in Softgel Capsules) and Vitamin E (400 IU). (Also available in larger size and also available in 100 IU.

A friend told me about some other things that I could do to help lower these high lipids. One, of course, was Red Yeast Rice. After 3 weeks ofadding it to the fish oils and the Garlic, I saw a specialist who did a lot more blood work. It was then I learned that I had Fibromyalgia, but my lipid count had dropped over 300 points. The Cholesterol was 343 and the Triglycerides were down to 1,300+. My Doctor is Chinese and was really amazed and so was I.

I have since added Olive Leaf Extract to my supplements, but I have only been taking it a short time. It is my understanding that at least 3 monnths is necessary before any real benefits are seen. Since beginning the Olive Leaf Extract, my hands are much better. Yes, the Fibro is still acting up in other places, but this is an improvement over what my condition was 3 weeks ago. I am to have my blood work done over again in September, and I just know the reading well be even better.

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