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Category:  Immune and Dis-eases

- Healing for Lyme's Disease -

In 1990, I noticed a red bite under my arm. I noticed that a circular rash continued to grow around the first initial bite. I didn't give it much thought until I started having some health problems. I became very fatigued, ached, and stiff in my back and neck. My joints would take spells where they would become very painful and I couldn't stand to walk.

My mother had read an article on Lyme's disease and thought it sounded like what I was experiencing. So I went to my physician. Even though he thought Lyme's disease didn't exist in our part of Ohio, he did put me on 10 days of antibiotics. After taking the medicine, the symptoms I was having disappeared.

Gradually, though not as drastic as the first onset, I began to have health problems again. I began struggling with fatigue, a constant headache, heart racing, and joint pain. There were also periodic tremors in my arm which I could not control. Everyday tasks seemed to overwhelming. I felt emotionally that I was going crazy. My sister, who's daughter had been diagnosed with Lyme's in 1993, told me what I was experiencing could be directly related to the first bite and symptoms I had in 1990. I went to a doctor she recommended and was clinically diagnosed as having Lyme's disease.

After taking 5 months of antibiotics (which made my symptoms worse), he took me off medication to see how I would do. Not feeling much better, I decided to give herbs and vitamins a try. So in the fall of 1993 I decided to take Echinacea, Oregon grape, Suma, Siberian Ginseng, Rose Hips, and Vitamin C (60 count) and Citrus Bioflavonoid Combination) and Vitamin B. It seemed like a lot but I was desperate. It was all or nothing.

After taking these supplements one week, I noticed a big difference. I started actually feeling good, which felt wonderful. My health problems didn't disappear overnight but I began to work on them on by one. I took the Nature's Sunshine brand KC-X to feed my thyroid. I took some Chinese herbal combinations to help strengthen my immune system. I began to drink a protein powder supplement which increased my stamina so I could actually make it through the day without taking a nap. My headaches were still giving me some trouble so I started taking valerian, hops, white willow bark, and other herbs in a combination called Eight This brought a calming relief to my nervous system.

Then I read about how pycnogenols (NSP's Grapine could cross the blood brain barrier. In taking this supplement, my head actually felt worse at first. There was a tingling,heavy, and numbing sensation which made it hard to think. I was determined to finish the bottle though, realizing the symptoms meant that the pycnogenols were probably working. After about two weeks, my head was clear. It was almost too good to be true. The headaches and constant feeling of pressure in my head I had for 3 years was gone! Today I'm a firm believer in herbs and nutritional supplements. I am so grateful for them! They gave me my life back!.

Note: She has since shared that she contunues with a maintenance program of herbs and vitamins. Favorites are Grapine and Eight used daily to prevent the pressure in her head from returning, which it has tried to do on occasion. She realized she just needed to keep on these products.

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