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Category:  Circulatory, Heart, Cholesterol, and Veins

- Heartburn and High Triglycerides -

I had a female client come to me the first of February. Her complaint was severe heart burn. I suggested Dandelion, Food Enzymes, Hi-Lipase and Milk Thistle Combination. I found out later that just before she came to me she had visited her doctor and had blood work done. She had been on Lipitor and a few other things. She had decided on her own to stop all meds and try the natural route.

After one month with the herbs she went back to the doctor and had the blood work done again. Her cholesterol went from 250 to 200 and triglycerides from 339 to 231 in that one month. Her doctor wanted to know what she did. She told him that the first thing she did was to stop all the meds he had prescribed and that she went all natural. The doctor said that whatever she was doing, to continue.

By the way her years of chronic acid reflux was gone also. Another very, very happy camper.

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