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Category:  Immune and Dis-eases

- Natural Approach to Candida -

I was having a lot of health problems for which the doctors could give me no help, so I was referred to a psychiatrist. I met someone who encouraged me to take a natural approach suggesting I make some dietary changes and I began using supplements and herbs. I used Caprylimune to kill yeast along with Pau D'Arco. I used lots of Nutri-Calm since my adrenals were depleted and my body was in such an exhausted state. I used Echinacea to fight infections. I had been on antibiotics for many years. I used Bifidophilus to replace the good bacteria, and added Citrus Bioflavonoids and Super Supplemental for nutritional support. I was having much more energy, no aches and pains, and no infections. It's now been 2-1/2 years without antibiotics which is a miracle in itself.
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