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Category:  Nerves, Stress, and Fatigue

- 24 Year Old With ADHD -

Just as a matter of information, our son has ADHD, is 24 years old, and has had trouble for years with schooling, remembering, organizing, risk taking, temper tantrums, etc. We also worked for years to get him on something to help him other than the ritalin and imipramine that was prescribed for him. He discontinued those himself because they wouldn't let him sleep and bothered his stomach

Just recently we started him on a program of herbal supplements and have seen remarkable improvement in just a couple of months. He is on Focus Attention, GABA Plus, l-Glutamine > and an assortment of B vitamins (also comes in Balanced B tablets), and Calcium-Magnesium (also comes in Calcium Plus formula).

I cannot believe the changes in him; he is more calm, less stressed out, able to handle the hard things better, remembers and carries out assignments better. Just seems like he is maturing and becoming responsible all of a sudden. He feels good about himself and I really like the delightful person he is becoming.

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