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Category:  Intestinal

- Ulcerative Colitis -

I had a very severe case of ulcerative colitis in 1992, and was hospitalized for 20 days, fed intraveneously, and nearly died from it. According to the docs, only hope was an ileostomy.

After I got hope, on home care, I started an herbal program, acupuncture and guided imagery.

My herbal program consisted of the following products:

CLT-X, Marshmallow and Pepsin, lots of Bifidophilus (12-14day) , several tablespoons a day of Slippery Elm with Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice. Finally, B vitamins (also comes in tablets), Vitamin E with Selenium, (also comes in larger size) & Vitamin A & D , and a multiple vitamin (Super Supplemental also comes without iron) to rebuild damaged tissue.

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