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Respiratory and Sinuses

- Dog Heals from Allergies and Arthritis -

My name is Vicki, and my dogís name is Princess; she is a Terrier-Shepherd mix and weighs 75 pounds. Five years ago, Princess was under a veterinarianís treatment for year-round allergies. The treatment included medicated shampoo, conditioner, allergy pills, ointments, capsules, and shots. None of these helped Princessí condition and she was getting worse day by day. She had started with a small rash on her stomach and legs. In time, it covered ninety percent of her body and she was chewing on her skin until it broke open. Her hair was falling out and she suffered from running nose and eyes, scratching, and vomiting throughout the five years of treatment. Thousands of dollars later, the veterinarian suggested putting Princess on steroids and taking her to a skin specialist. I could not afford to do this. Within the last year, Princess developed other problems, including large tumors all over her body, arthritis, and a torn ligament. She was in so much pain that we talked about putting her to sleep.

When we were about to give up hope, we found out about herbs can help animals. Of course we had our doubts, but we were willing to try anything. Within three days of taking herbs, Princessí skin healed. She stopped chewing on her legs and her hair began to grow back. She is no longer limping and I can tell she is feeling a lot better. Within one week, the tumors went away. Her tail wonít stop wagging and I canít wait to see what the next month brings as she continues her recovery.

I gave Princess ALJ (allergy combination), Pau DíArco (blood purifier), Red Clover (a terrific tonic for the body), Echinacea (builds the immune system), JNT-A (arthritis combination), and VS-C (an anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antibiotic combination).

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