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Category:  Pets

- Preventative Care For Pets -

I give my pets natural foods, but living in the woods, we have the usual critters that we cohabitate with. To combat the fleas and parasites, and to keep their blood good and healthy, I put a squirt of Black Walnut Extract and a squirt of Liquid Chlorophyll (also comes in 32 ounce bottle) in their drinking water. At first, they looked at it funny, but now they look at the water funny if it isn't a cloudy brownish green! I have had no problems with fleas or parasites since I started this regimen. I also give them Garlic (also comes in High-Potency Odor-Controlled) routinely to make them good and smelly. We are a parasite and flea-free environment.

As an added bonus for my dog, I keep a bottle of water in the fridge with some Tea Tree Oil to spritz him after he comes in as an added measure and it actually keeps his fur smelling fresher. I no longer have the doggy odor I had with him now that he has a regular regiment of good food and herbs.

It took a little time for the herbs to get the toxins out of them, but we are doing great being an all natural pet family.

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