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Category:  Dental

- Preventing Gum Surgery -

I had severe gum infection to the point that they wanted to do this surgery where they cut open your gums to clean them out! They told me that was my only solution. I said NO WAY! I used White Oak Bark and Black Walnut alternating and brushed with them 4 times a day. I also took CO-Q10 (also comes in 100 mg and 10 mg and took lots of Vitamin C (also comes in Ascorbate - powdered form as well as Time released. I used Sinshine Brite toothpaste and swished with Tea Tree Oil. Well, after 4 weeks I went back and my gum disease was gone and all of my so called irreversible gum pockets had shrunk! The dentist would not acknowledge that it was a result of natural means, however he was pleased at the progress.
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