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Category:  Skin, Hair, Nails, and Beauty

- Acne Clears -

We have just gone through this acne problem for two years with my 21 year old daughter that had flawless skin until she started to college. We assumed it was stress and used several different stress formulas. She did colon cleansing and other things. All would help some but never eliminate the problem. It continued to get worse until it was extremely swollen, red and itching and covered her whole cheek. I read an article about B6 and acne and we started her on mega doses of B-complex (also comes in tablets) Vitamin A & D and Zinc (also very important for acne). The inflammation immediately lessened and now the swelling is almost totally gone. She left off the B complex for a while and it started getting inflamed again. It looks the best right now that it has in two years.
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