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Health Testimonials
Bones, Muscles, Tissues, Aches, and Pains
Here is a list of some of the challenges people have faced, and the successes they have experienced:

"Really Lessens Pain" Formula
  4 Days to Sciatic Relief
A Pain-Free Life!
  Alpha Stim's Many Uses
Anxiety, Sore Muscles, Insomnia, And Dry Skin
  Arm Pain
  Arthritis And Sciatica
Arthritis and Bursitis
  Back "Goes Out"
Back Pain Improving
  Bad Back Pain
Broken Elbow
  Bump on Head
  Callouses and Cat's Hairballs
Callouses on Feet
  Canine Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel - 3 People Getting Well
  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Chicago White Sox Uses This For Pain
  Chiropractic Adjustments Holding Better
Chronic Back and Leg Pain
  Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Neck Pain
  Cluster Headaches
Crippling Arthritis Pain
  Crushed Vertibrate
Disabling Pain Diseases Get Relief
  Dog Heals from Allergies and Arthritis
Extreme Leg Pain
Fibromyalgia Pain
  Fibromyalgia Pain
Fibromyalgia Pain Decreased
  Fibromyalgia Relief
Fractured Tailbone
  Gum Pockets
Healing a Crushed Finger
  Herbs to Increase Bone Strength and Speed Healing
Hip Pain
  Hit By The Car Door
Hurting Knees
  Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Knee Pain Relieved
  Knee Problems
Knee and Hip Pain
  Knot in Inner Thigh
Lack of Energy and Swelling in Knees and Ankles
  Lavender Oil for Heel Pain
Lifelong Headaches Disappear
  Loss of Dexterity & Pain in Knuckles; Back Pain
Lump of Forehaed Goes Away For Good!
  Migraine Relief
Neck Spasm
  Neck Spasms
Not Feeling Sore!
  Not One Sore Muscle!
Not Stiff After Workout
  Osteoarthritis in Knee
Osteoporosis and Broken Bones
  Pain Killer
Pelvis Problems
  Plantar Fachiitis
Pooch's Arthritis
  Quick Acting
Rheumatoid Arthritis
  Rotator Cuff Needing Surgery
Ruptured Cartilage
  Sciatica Pain Relieved
Severe Chronic Bursitis
  Severe Lower Back Pain
Sore Feet
  Sore Shoulder
Sprained Ankle
  Sprained Ankle
Sprained Ankle Soak
  Sprains and Bruises
Strength Comes Back
  Stubbed Toe
Stubbed Toe
  Swollen Ankles
  Tendonitis (Adult)
Tendonitis (Child)
Tooth Pain
  Toothache Relief
Torn Cartilage
  Torn Miniscus in Knee
Treating Pain for a Basketball Team
  Trigger Finger (Thumb)
Water Retention
  Weight Gain and Fibromyalgia
  Wrist and Elbow Pain

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