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Health Testimonials
Respiratory and Sinuses
Here is a list of some of the challenges people have faced, and the successes they have experienced:

3 Month Old Child's Ear Pain
  Allergic to Cigarette Smoke
Allergies and Sinus Infections
  Allergy - Induced Asthma
Alpha Stim's Many Uses
  Asthma Since Age 2
Avoid the Flu
  Bee Pollen for Sinuses
Child Coughing
  Child's Ear Pain
Chronic Cough and Snoring
  Controlling Allergies
Coughing Child
Dog Heals from Allergies and Arthritis
  Dog's Allergies
Ear Infection
  Eliminating Earaches
Emphysema Goes
  Goodbye Allergies and Coffee Cravings
Hayfever, Allergies, Sinuses
  Help With Breathing and Asthma
Herbal Combinations Used for Coughs
  High Elevations
Nose Bleeds
  Quitting Smoking
Quitting Smoking
  Quitting Smoking Without The Weight Gain
Recycled Air on Airlines
  Respiratory and Hairball Rescue for a Rabbit
Sinus Infection
  Sinus Spray
  Stopping Smoking
Wheezing and lung spasms
  Winter Breathing Problems and Dryness

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