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Health Testimonials
Immune and Dis-eases
Here is a list of some of the challenges people have faced, and the successes they have experienced:

A Remedy For Skin Cancer
  Alzheimer's disease
  Avoid the Flu
Benefits to Lymph System
  Breast Cancer
Breast Infections
  Breast Tumor
Breast Tumor
  Child With Shingles
Chronic Fatigue
  Cold Cleared Up & Female Benefit Too
Diabetes Benefits
  Ear Infection
  Golden Retriever's Tumors
Got Rid of Candida
  Healing for Lyme's Disease
Help for Herpes
  Infections and Abycesses
Lack of Energy
  Loss of Dexterity & Pain in Knuckles; Back Pain
Lupus Case Doing Well
  Macular Degeneration
Magnesium Deficiency
  Meniere's Disease
Missionary Families Staying Healthy
Multiple Myeloma
  Natural Approach to Candida
Preventing Illness
  Preventing Illnesses
Rebounding After Chemotherapy
  Recovering in the Hospital
Skin Cancer
  Skin Cancer Spots
Staph Infection Shows Immediate Improvement
  Stomach Virus
Strep B
  Strep Infection During Pregnancy
Survival, Immune, Circulation All In One!
  Swollen Lymph Nodes
Swollen Lymph Nodes
  Taking Morinda To Feel Better, In Spite Of Taste
Toenail Fungus
  Underarm Boils/cysts

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